Botox Injections

Well we had the botox today and Finlay was  a super star.  He was so relaxed and happy when he was being examined – that was before the sedation!!!  The doctors took a look and agreed that the botox could be used in several muscles but due to Finlay’s weight (he’s on the small side!) they had to go for an area that would have the best impact on his life.  After consulting us we agreed that he would get 2 injections in each calf muscle.The sedation went well, he was out of it fairly quickly so the injections went ahead.  He wriggled a wee bit when the injections were fully in but the sedation means he won’t have any memory of the event. The doctors were very happy with the way they went and we were home by 1.30pm.  Finlay has slept most of the day but is now eating a large dinner of chicken pasta to fill his empty tummy.As yet we can see no change but we will hopefully report more through the week.