Catch up

Hi folks, sorry i’ve not kept this up to date recently – i seem to be busier than ever now that i’m not working!We’ve had an excellent month.  Craighalbert was brilliant and Finlay and I are into a good routine with the exercises and advice we were given.  Cerebra (a support group) have granted our funding for this year’s Craighalbert!!!  Amazing!  Let me explain.  We applied for the Cerebra grant before we knew how much the fundraising was going to raise.  We weren’t expecting to get anything from them so you can imagine how delighted we were when the letter came through. So you must be wondering what we are going to use the fundraising money for.  We will always keep some aside for future trip s to Craighalbert but it means we can now start seeing reps about other equipment Finlay desperately needs.  We thought we would have to wait until after the ceilidh before we could investigate the cost of other things so it’s a huge step forward.The first rep we are meeting is for a sleep system and a potty so we can the wee man out of nappies and stretching while he’s sleeping – i’ll keep you updated on our progress.Extension – we have finally got our plans back from the OT so we can get moving with the building warrant plans and get some quotes.  I think the extension may have to wait until next spring as i really don’t think i want building work happening over winter, watch this space!Money – we have a very healthy bank account at present.  At the last pay in we were sitting at 5000!!!!!!!!  This is fantastic and i can’t express my gratitude to you all.