Furious at the System!

Rant time!As a family with a disabled child we are entitled to several benefits but by god they have plenlty of loop holes to ensure you don’t get them!!Firstly i applied for carer’s allowance as i am working as Finlay’s full time carer.  This was all straight forward until i got myself a little evening job to keep my sanity.  I am now no longer entitled to carer’s allowance as my earnings are over the £95 weekly limit!!!!!!!  This makes me mad as it’s just over the limit and i am still caring for him through the day!!!  I work when his dad comes in from work!Secondly, we are allowed to apply for direct payments to allow us to pay for some respite care.  This all seemed great and our plan was to pay my mum (she has him heaps through the week to let me get stuff done) but we are not allowed to employ a family member.  Personally i think this is a total oversight on the Governments part as who better to look after your child than a family member who fully understands their needs???  I also feel rather strongly about my 3 year old being handed over to some stranger who we’d have to put through a disclosure, full training and pay holidays etc.Do you think the people who make these policies up actually have children or even an ounce of common sense??I feel so let down by the system but i’m starting to think that’s their plan – make folk so annoyed that they decide it’s not worth the hassle!BIg huge scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!