It’s been a while

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, Christmas seemed to come and go and the New Year was upon me before i could blink.  I can’t believe we are nearing the end of February and this is me just getting round to updating the website. Finlay had a wonderful Christmas and was ruined as usual!  Straight after the school holidays he was faced with a week of intensive physio from a therapist from the Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy Centre in London.  This was Kamila’s first time meeting Finlay so it was new for both at the beginning but she soon figured him out and she had him working his socks off each day (she soon realised that a wee bit of chocolate worked wonders!).  Finlay did us proud throughout the week completing his physio and attending school each afternoon to try and keep up with his education too. Week 3 of the New Year was back into the swing of school full time, weekly physio with Lorraine, homework and the weekly visits from the Child Development Team and things haven’t stopped since.  Finlay has settled remarkably well into school life again and is coping with the level of homework on top of all the other demands in his life – he really is a wee gem…he never complains or groan at the thought of yet more demands on him rather than just chilling out and enjoying being a 6 year old.So what other challenges have we had to endure???The council have returned all our invoices from the extension as invalid as they are not receipts!  I have had to ask all our contractors to provide me with a receipted copy of the invoice which has not only been frustrating but time consuming.  I’m struggling to get the last 2 invoices receipted so we are still unable to submit the receipts in the hope of getting the counicl’s share of the costs of the extension.  It really does make you wonder if they have some ploy to hack you off so much that youturn round and tell them where to shove their money?!!  Believe you me i have come close but then i remember that Finlay is entitled to this support…i’m gettting good at biting my tongue!  Fingers crossed i manage to get the last 2 invoices sorted and we get our money soon.The week after the carry on with the extension we had a carry on with the renewal of the mobility car.  After having to provide information on all our finances and eluding just about everything about our life (these processes are so invasive!!) we were refused support with the down payment of the wheelchair accessible car.  A further hour was given to gathering and copying paperwork to appeal the decision and low and behold we ARE eligible for support!  So the new car is on order and will make life so much easier as we will be able to wheel Finlay straight into the car and fix his chair into place – no lifting, no fighting with his seating position!  What a dream it will be when it’s raining cats and dogs.It’s been a stressful start to the year but all is now in place and we have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.