Generosity Galore from Able Care Aberdeen!

So, Finlay’s new wheelchair is not very user friendly. I had to go and source ramps to allow him access to his grandparents’ houses (and anywhere else with steps) so off I went to Able Care Aberdeen in search of a suitable ramp.

Jake at Able Care was incredibly helpful and kept me right when picking a ramp that would suit all the houses and have a safe gradient for both Finlay and anyone pushing him and would be suitable for him as he grows. The ramp was picked and off i went chuffed in the knowledge the ramps would be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

Here’s the good bit… Jake popped round to let us know the ramps were on their way and to inforom us that Able Care Aberdeen were footing the bill for them!!!
How amazing is that!?

Unbeknown to me, Finlay has attended school with Jake’s grandchildren since p1. Jake saw fit to approach his boss and request support for Finlay and this was their response! We are truly delighted with the generosity of the company but more so with Jake for putting the request in and believing that Finlay was worthy of it!

I think the smile says it all from both of them in these photos. Thank you Jake for your support, generosity and time.
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