Naidex Exhibition

I (Finlay’s mum) was down at an exhibition of everything disabled yesterday in Glasgow. Wow it was worth the trip!! Got so many tips, was informed about things i should have been told 5 years ago and saw some fantastic pieces of equipment that may benefit Finlay when he’s older.The biggest benefit was looking at and trying out the various beds. They all looked very clinical and hospital like which i’m sure you can understand is not what a 5 year old wants for his bedroom. After seeing how low and high all the beds went i was all set to leave when i came across the answer to all Finlay’s needs. I have found a bed that goes low enough for Finlay to sit on the edge and push himself up to standing but high enough that we won’t hurt our backs when working with him. It is child friendly so doesn’t look clinical and hospital like but not too childish that he’ll hate it when he’s a teenager – ticks every box!! So what’s the downside? Well it costs over 1500!!! Yip 1500 for a single bed but thanks to the support Finlay’s Fund has received over the last 2 years we will be able to go ahead and get him the perfect bed to complete his perfect bedroom.This is why Bruce and I are so grateful for everyone’s support, without it Finlay’s new room would look like a hospital with a second hand bed from the NHS. Words will never convey how thankful we are.Gail x