Update time

Well I’ve seriously been neglecting this site, please accept my sincere apologies, I will try really hard to be more proactive with it from now on…

It’s been another quick start to the year and the months are flying by.  Our first event of 2014 is nearly upon us but first I’d like to update you all with Finlay’s progress…

What can i say?  He’s a boy who continually tries his best and aims to please; he never complains about the daily routine of exercises on top of school work, he really is one amazing boy!

The money raised through the Fund helps to pay for weekly physiotherapy sessions with a local therapist, weekly hydrotherapy sessions at Carronhill Pool, intensive weekends of therapy (currently about every 2-3 months) with Movement Physiotherapy and any new equipment he needs when he needs it – we don’t have to wait for budget requests from the council!!

I can’t put into words how much easier life is for us with the support of the Fund. To the outsiders looking in who expect to see Finlay walking or doing something miraculous, it’s never going to happen as they are not the results we will every achieve.  Finlay’s therapy keeps him away from the surgeon and ensures he only sees the doctors for routine appointments.  He benefits greatly from the interventions mentioned above and we are delighted to report that the latest hip x-rays are showing improvements in his hip alignment thus there’s no immediate need for surgery (I’m sure all you parents out there will understand the relief this brings!).  Quite simply Finlay would not be where he is today without the money raised through Finlay’s Fund.

New things Finlay can do…

sit up unaided straddling a bench for over 30 minutes – this means he doesn’t constantly rely on an adult being beside him.

Use his powerchair independently to get himself around his environment – this is amazing for him more than us as it allows him to take part in a sport he loves with other children with Cerebral Palsy.

Finlay has come such a long way in the last year, we are in no doubt that this is thanks to the therapy we are ablet to provide for him.  We hope you continue to follow us and support us when you can – it really does make a world of difference.